About us

We come from Poland and started up 25 years ago. The European Union didn't exist yet and there were 2 billion people less around the world than now. A lot has changed since then but not everything.

What didn't change is our courage. The courage that drives us to grow and helps to define the surrounding world. Over the years we've won many prizes while our ideas revolutsonarized the roofing market both in Poland and the entire Europe.

Live bravely

Courage means understanding that there are important things worth pushing your own limits for. Courage is the freedom to reach for your dreams. It's the core on which we've built the foundation of our products.

Live safely

We give you the peace of mind and security but the rest it up to you. You were given an exceptional gift – life – but there's more to it that feeling safe at home. There are so many things waiting for you to experience them. The sunsets, the rain dances and all your childhood dreams. Have the courage to go after them! 


We firmly believe that the best moment in life comes when you commit to the right cause, succeed and experience the fulfilment that comes with it. There's a prize at the end of every journey. You just have to have the courage to hit the road.

Meet Budmat

We're one of Poland's and Europe's leading manufacturers of roofs, elevations and gutters.

We want to create products that will make you feel safe, help you save the time and money, and therefore give you the freedom to live a courageous life*

*if you're dreaming, you're courageous. 

Budmat Auto

Budmat Auto. Budmat Auto, Budmat Auto 2 and BUDMAT Auto 3 are modern, multibrand car dealership showrooms. The following car makes can be found in our offer: Peugeot, Nissan, Ford, Opel, Chevrolet and Suzuki.  Our dealerships offer used cars as well.

Budmat Transport

Budmat transport. Budmat Transport Sp. z o.o. has many years of experience in both domestic and international transport. The company has at its disposal several hundred specialised transport and unloading vehicles. BUDMAT Transport provides comprehensive services in the field of international transport and forwarding.

Budmat Materiały Budowlane (Building Materials)

As of 2010, BUDMAT Materiały Budowlane is a separate joint venture in the BUDMAT Group. The company deals with the comprehensive distribution of building materials in the region. The company's membership with the Polskie Składy Budowlane Group is the acknowledgment of our highest quality standards.

Centrum Produkcji PVC BUDMAT (PVC production centre)

The company specialises in rigid dry blend PVC production. Our offer contains: RIGID DRY BLEND PVC, PURE PVC, "According to Recipe" PVC Mixtures, The "Tailored" Process. 

We come from Płock, a city decorated by Józef Piłsudski in 1921 with the Polish Cross of Valour. A city from which teenage Tony Halik, against his father's will, floated on a raft to the borders of the Free City of Gdańsk.

Out of all places in the world, we have chosen one on the slope of Płock overseeing the Wisła river. We are proud of that and believe, that our work can make it even more beautiful.

We are true fans of the winners of the Polish Cup and Supercup - Wisła Płock.

The sun wasn't always shining over the Kazimierz Górski Stadium in Płock. Fortunately, these times are of the past. Now we play in Extraclass and intend to stay here for a long time.

We believe, that our support - like a roof - protects our beloved club against the stormy clouds.

Let's meet in the Łukasiewicz Street 34 - Go Nafciarze!

We love drifting!

For us - it's the best motorsport in the world. Roaring engines, screeching tires and surgically precise drifting. Could anyone want more?

In 2012 we founded Budmat Auto Drift Team - a team consisting of the best drivers of the Old Continent. The current and three-time champion of Drift Masters Grand Prix, Irlands James Deane - Drift Allstars three-time champion and Dawid Karkosik - 3rd place winner in the Drift Masters Grand Prix 2016.

We support the Drift Masters Grand Prix as well - a league of the best drivers in Poland and Europe.

Pedal to the metal! Sideways forward, of course!

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