It's time for a change!

We were established over 25 years ago. In that year, US dollar was worth few thousand zloty and Poland was introduced to the Internet. Since that moment a lot has changed but not everything… We are as brave as ever were and that courage makes us improve and create the world around us.


Brave innovation

We shoot for the stars and we cannot imagine standing still. Drawing from traditions and good craftsmanship, we do not forget about investing in modern technologies. Our machinery park is one of the best in Europe – we boast, knowing – our bragging rights. We optimise our factories and driven by their processing capabilities, we create robust solutions, giving a sense of security. As the Managing Director of the Budmat company explains - We are excited that the innovative solutions introduced by us are shaping the market and allow us to stay ahead of the competition. We can safely say that we are trendsetters. Our products ensure security and save both time and money. Underneath all of this is comfort, both for teams working on our products and people buying them.

Ready for a change

The 21st century has rules of its own. Continuous growth is inevitable – and that’s a good thing! For that reason, we wanted to change for you. Our current Budmat logo, created exactly 27 years ago, underwent subtle changes, has evolved over the years. In 2018, we are going all in! A breakthrough, revolution, more challenges… Yes, please! Research and development, innovative products, numerous patents – all of this requires a brand worthy of the 21st century. We are ready to make that decision and take action. That is how the brand new logo of Budmat came to being. - It’s a game-changer for us - Agnieszka Korolczuk, the Marketing Director at Budmat, explains. - Courage is vital here. Through courage we want to communicate our openness to change and willingness to develop further. We are not afraid of new things because we know that it’s the reason why we move forward and an opportunity to go to even greater lengths.

Bravery is the awareness that certain things are worth the trouble and going an extra mile to reach them, to make dreams come true. Let’s do it! With courage!

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