Revolution on the roof! What is the role of flashings on the roof?

What are the decisive factors when buying a roof? What is the role of flashings on the roof?

Color, aesthetics, long years of warranty or details that affect the final appearance of both the roof and our entire home - all this matters in the process of choosing roofing materials.  Until now, the main product that differed from one manufacturer to another were the basic roofing materials, i.e. the roof sheet. It differed in shape, number of waves and height of embossments. Apart from that, all elements for roof finishing, such as ridge tiles, side flashings, i.e. gable flashings, were made in a very similar way.

These gable flashings have often been, and still are, made on site with flat sheets supplied to the roofer. The gable flashings are well visible on the roof and crown the whole. Thanks to this homogeneity of the contractors' activities, the result is a great similarity of steel roofs, regardless of the roofing material used.

In order to meet the market trends or the increasing demands of the consumer who wants to have a beautiful roof and takes care of details, Budmat has introduced to its offer factory modular processing, which is something that makes our roof stand out from the rest.

The most important of them and the same breakthrough in this industry are the modular dry verge Venecja. These elements are dedicated to a specific pattern of a roof sheet, in this case to the modular Venecja sheet. Thanks to the introduction of this technological novelty, our roof is comprehensive and homogeneous. The modular dry verge is manufactured in such a way that it fits perfectly with the last wave of the roof sheet, thanks to which the end of the roof at the tops is very aesthetic, tight and durable.

The second, equally important group of flashings dedicated to Budmat modular roof sheets are ridge caps. New products - GS-LUX ridge cap (matched to modular roof sheets Venecja, Rialto, Bella Sara and Ferrara) and GSM-TOP and GSM-FLAT ridge cap (matched to Murano modular roof sheets), are the culmination of our roof, and their shapes and embossing fit perfectly to the embossing of our modular roof sheets.  Matching dedicated ridge caps to all Budmat modular roof sheets is another step forward in improving the roof aesthetics.

Modularity of gable flashings and ridge caps mainly consists in perfect matching them to specific models of modular roof sheets. By using them, the roofer arranges all elements of the roofing like blocks that fit together. Moreover, in addition to the exceptional level of aesthetics and originality of the roof, we also gain the certainty of a carefully made roofing - without scratches, metallic shavings or mismatched elements, and thus mistakes that could have been made by the roof contractor.

All Budmat modular factory flashings are manufactured using sheet metal in exactly the same colour shades as the modular roof sheets. Thanks to the use of factory flashings, we can obtain from the manufacturer an additional, extended warranty extending the period of its validity.

A beautiful roof means not only choosing the shape of modular sheets, which we like, but also a conscious decision about the type of finishing of this roof. In order to ensure that everything fits together perfectly and the roof is aesthetic, it is worth choosing good, modular flashings, which will crown our entire investment.



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