Peace of mind for years to come.

Budmat Fence Systems are available in several types of paint coatings and have a 10year warranty. Their key feature is high resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage.


The Budmat Fence System uses high quality steel with a zinc content of up to 275 g/m2 which is 100% recyclable and can be processed infinitely. This makes steel the best raw material available on the market, yet the most environmentally friendly.

Universal character.

Budmat Fence Systems have many solutions that allow you to create individual solutions tailored to your needs. They make it possible to build a beautiful fence, into already existing steel, wooden and concrete posts.

Safe transport and installation.

Elements of the Budmat Fence System are characterized by high durability while maintaining their light weight. This makes transportation and installation faster|  and cheaper.

Easy and quick installation.

Thanks to precisely made elements and the technology used, the assembly of the Budmat Fence System can be carried out on its own, without the need to use any special tools. Has it been damaged? That's ok! It is possible to replace a single module (rails) without having to disassemble or order the entire span.

Aesthetics and beauty.

High-quality steel combined with the precision of coatings ensures color durability of the fence for years. Without the need for regular painting - as is the|  case when using e.g. wood.

Comfort of choice on uneven terrain.

How to fit the fence to the|  area to make it look aesthetic? Thanks to the Budmat Fence System, you can choose any length and height of the spans, and the foundation can be made according to the slope of the land. Replacing spans with new ones has never been so comfortable and simple.

Consistent colors from one manufacturer.

The Budmat Fencing System complements the wide range of roofing, facade and gutter systems. It gives the possibility of using identical colors with gutters, facade and roof. Elegance and aesthetics will radiate from the entrance to your entire property.

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