The roof is available off-the-shelf

 The products are sold from pallets with a possibility of purchasing individual elements at the distributor.

Handy sheets

Our modular roof consists of many sheets, which are pieced together on the roof, just like fitting a puzzle piece in place.

Safe material

Unique coatings provide not only aesthetics, but product safety as well.

Roof on a pallet

A standard roof fits on one palette. It allows it to be transported with a regular truck anywhere.

Guaranteed repeatability of colour and shape

You can buy even a single sheet at your distributor at any time and don't have to worry about the repeatability of the X-Matt and D-Matt colours since we guarantee it regardless of batch material.

Easy transport and storage

The sheets are light and compact, which makes their transport and assembly a pure pleasure.

Automatic sheet fitting on the roof

Factory-made mounting holes shorten the working time on the roof and allow for precise sheet connection.

Easy and quick assembly

The roof construction team can work in several roof areas at the same time.

Set of essential accessories

The modular roof is also a set of essential accessories. We also offer gutter systems, soffits and fences.

Reinforces sheet

Vertical embossed areas reinforced with additional backward sheet curve make the roof even more rigid.

Roof angle adjustment

The whole roof can be corrected even after the sheets are assembled.

Relax for years to come

The modular roof is a guarantee for even 50 years.