A solid breath for your roof!

A solid breath for your roof!

Eaves vent profile - NEW in Budmat's offer of steel roof accessories - the very first product of its kind on the market made of steel. It is an extremely aesthetic, innovative roof accessory, dedicated to Budmat's modular roof sheets.

Eaves vent profile

• It is manufactured from sheet metal dedicated to modular roof sheets, which makes it durable and resistant to wind blows of the roof slope.
• Thanks to perforation, the eaves vent profile ensures an ideal airflow (Venturi effect) under the roofing, eliminating possible condensation of water to a minimum.
• The special design of the steel eaves vent profile prevents birds and small rodents from getting under the roof slope.
• The unique shape of the profile eliminates the need to increase the first batten on the roof slope (saving time and material).
• The profile is ideally suited for 50 mm wide battens and has specially prepared mounting holes (easy and quick installation).
• The profiles are covered with a long-term guarantee, which ensures safety and peace of use of the modular roof for many years to come.


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