BUDMA 2019 TRADE FAIR - let's relieve it together!

Weeks of preparation, dozens of people involved, hundreds of guests at the stand during 4 days of the fair, one goal - promoting the brand and products of Budmat. Another Budma trade fair is over - it was a real REVOLUTION

This year's Budma Fair was held under the slogan "REVOLUTION ON THE ROOF". Throughout all days our stand was visited by many guests, customers or representatives of companies associated with the construction industry. The atmosphere at both the business and technical booths was unique - it roared from conversations, many insights about our products, handshakes.

On the first day of the fair, on Tuesday 12.02. we had the honor to receive two prestigious awards granted by the Poznań International Fair - the MTP Gold Medal for the System of modular flashings and Acanthus Aureus - for the best designed stand and prepared to implement the marketing strategy, emphasizing, at the same time, the company's image.

Tuesday also passed under the slogan "Become a Leader of the Revolution". On our technical stand, in the Turbo Roofer zone, eliminations held place for the competition, which consisted in the quickest and most accurate installation of modular flashings on specially prepared racks. The interest was enormous.

Also, in this zone we hosted our technical partners - Etanco and Milwaukee, the founders of prizes (power tools) for roofers participating in competitions. Cooperation during this trade fair was splendid.

On the second day of the fair, the number of visitors at our stands was as astonishing as it was at the beginning of the fair. We also conducted a training for roofers in the Turbo Roofer zone, where we talked about the correct installation of our products, with particular emphasis on modular flashings - winners of the MTP Gold Medal.

In addition, there was no shortage of extreme emotions, and all thanks to a drift simulator, where each guest could try to ride in controlled slip or put on goggles and enter the virtual world by laying a modular roof sheet in Venice or Chicago.

On Thursday, 14.02 we took part in a very important traditional brass band parade, which ended with a solemn, jubilee congress of the Polish Roofers' Association, to which we were also invited. First of all, we received a diploma with thanks for commitment and support during the IFD World Championships of Young Roofers in Riga as a partner of the Polish national team. In addition, we gave valuable prizes to roofers who won the place in the Turbo Roofer competition, organized by PSD during the fair.

On the same day, the finale of our original competition "Become the Leader of Revolution" was held, hosted by the Ambassador of the Budmat brand - Dominik Strzelec. The winners received commemorative, personalized diplomas and prizes sponsored by Millwaukee - our technical partner. The competition was really fierce until the very end.

The last day of the fair was a bit calmer. The atmosphere at our two stands reflected what had happened at this year's Budma. It was four hard-working, intensive trade fair days, but the number of positive words we could hear from the guests visiting our stand compensated for everything.


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