Drift - the precise finish of the roof's side edges

Top-class products that guarantee the aesthetic appearance of the roof, that's what we care about and that's what we aim for at Budmat. Therefore, in addition to the already well-known and popular Venecja and Murano modular gable flashing, we have designed new Drift universal modular gable flashings for every roof. 

Functionality, versatility and their appearance leave no illusions. As the name suggests, the new Drift universal module gable flashing is a product to be used on any roof, regardless of type.

The Drift family of weathervanes consists of three elements: The Drift 224 outer gable flashing and the Drift 150 and Drift 180 bottom gable flashings make the roof edges look as if tailored by the best roofing masters

 Detailed product information:

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