Dry verge for Murano for a consistent roof appearance

Budmat is not slowing down. Today we present a small, but extremely important and having a great influence on the final look element which makes the roof complete, in one style and colour, without the need for
additional work by the roofer.

A decorative modular dry verge joins the Murano modular roof family. Awaited both by investors and roofers, it completes the appearance of the roof covered with Murano modular roof tile sheets. Modern and elegant,
yet bold in shape and style, it makes a real revolution on the roof.

Murano modular dry verge is an ideal and unique product, second only to Venecja, which we already offer. A complete, beautifully finished roof with Murano is the effect of precision workmanship of all the elements of the
roof, starting from the modular sheet, dedicated elements - ridge caps and dry verge, ending with modular roofing flashings.

We all agree that aesthetics and beauty are important, but these are not all the advantages of Murano dry verge. It also provides comfort and saves time for the roofer, as the holes for the screws are already manufactured,
thus eliminating the need for additional work. What is more, by screwing the screws into the designated holes on the dry verge and the roof sheet we receive a uniform, aesthetic whole after assembly.

We must also mention the ecological aspect, which is equally important as the functional one. We minimise the negative impact on the natural environment. On the one hand, due to shorter assembly time and lower
pressure and torque needed, we save charger batteries, on the other hand, we eliminate unnecessary waste in the form of metal chips.

The wide range of modular roof sheets offered by Budmat has gained recognition and enjoys unflagging interest among people building and renovating houses.

Murano modular dry verge - the future of roof aesthetics.

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