IRON Click roof panel with a new design!

The IRON Click panel, which is so well known, well liked and eagerly used, is getting a facelift. Here it is - the eagerly awaited design that breaks up the panel's smooth surface. There it is - the double lining. IRON Click in an enriched version.

The double longitudinal trapezoidal embossing is not only a visual effect, but above all a reinforcement and improvement - it stiffens the sheet and protects it from the negative effects of tension during assembly.

Top-quality steel, state-of-the-art technology and timeless design - that's the new IRON Click double-profiled panel! For the roof, as well as the façade, for a classic or modern house - it depends only on you, your needs and your unlimited creativity.

IRON Click with double profile - a novelty from Budmat!