Modular dry verge Bella Sara!

Eagerly awaited by investors and contractors - the Bella Sara modular dry verge!

It is a very important element which completes the beauty of the Bella Sara modular tile roof and is more and more appreciated by professionals. It definitely influences the final effect of the roof appearance, making it complete, perfectly finished, in one style and colour, which adds to the aesthetics of the entire body of the house. All this without any additional work on the part of the roofer. 

We are constantly expanding our range to meet the requirements and needs of our customers. The new dry verge for the Bella Sara modular metal roofing tile is the "dot over the i" for the desired complete roof appearance.

In addition to its unquestionable elegance and perfect composition with the other roofing elements, it offers tangible benefits. Like our previous dedicated accessories - Murano and Venecja - it is made of world-class steel sheet. The pre-fabricated mounting holes reduce installation time and also completely eliminate waste shavings, which has an undeniable environmental benefit.

Modular dry verge Bella Sara is also distinguished by:

  • a shape perfectly matching the waves of the metal roofing tiles
  • uniform colouring and matching of all roofing elements
  • a profile which makes it possible to fit the wind vane to the side boarding or the rafters
  • time-saving thanks to ready-made mounting holes
  • invisible screws fastening wind rafters to the roof tile
  • available in right and left version

Now a complete, beautifully finished roof with the Bella Sara modular metal tile is at your fingertips! Available today in the full range without waiting. 


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