NEW! External adjustable corner

In the standard set of gutter systems, corners are bent at right angle. However, not every house has a classic shape and structure, so when guttering such roofs, it is important, even necessary to use the adjustable external corner for Proaqua PVC system.

This modern product allows you to create any corner angle from 120° to 145°.  Two parts - fixed and adjustable, together with a special scale with angles, allow easy adjustment of the shape of the gutter system arch for buildings with an irregular roof shape.

The use of a ready-made, original adjustable corner product for Proaqua not only saves time and money, but above all ensures complete tightness, which is achieved through the use of a special rubber seal and perfect fit of all elements of the entire system.

The product is available in all colours of  Proaqua gutter system in size 125.

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