New from Budmat - premium IRON panels!

Budmat once again sets standards of quality and aesthetics of roofing. We present our latest collection of premium standing seam panels - IRON! Using modern technology, we have created a high-quality product, thanks to which each roof will be unique and distingtive.

Why are our products unique?

  • - Especially for the IRON range of standing seams, we have designed a new reinforced lock that provides more precise and durable longitudinal joints. The innovative profiling of the lock makes the covering edge of the lock (of the overlayed panel) invisible, which significantly improves the aesthetics.
  • - On the longitudinal joints of the sheets, there are mounting holes for fasteners that ensure proper dilatation of the panels as a result of thermal expansion of the steel.
  • - Every panel ends with a lock cover (the material fits perfectly), which covers the front of the lock when folded. This is yet another solution that improves aesthetics.
  • - A wide range of patterns, coatings and colors gives the investor comfort to choose a roof according to the character of the building.
  • - The newly developed solutions have been filed for patent protection, which proves the uniqueness of the products, which are the first so technologically advanced on the market.
  • - The IRON standing seam collection in combination with the GTR ridge tile and eaves vent profile will ensure safety, comfort and a unique style.

IRON panel accessory kit

The new eaves vent profile ensures proper ventilation and facilitates the installation of the ridge tile. The designed slots facilitate cutting the profile with shears, which is a great help for contractors. The product has been filed for patent protection.

For more information on the new collection of IRON panels feel free to visit our updated price list at and to call your Budmat representative.

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