New - GS-LUX Ridge end cap

A new finishing element for modular roofs is now available in our offer! The GS-LUX ridge end cap at the ridge ends ensures aesthetic and functional roof protection while maintaining material homogeneity.

Features and references

• Prevents precipitation and pollution from getting under the ridge tiles.
• Perfectly fitted, factory-made GS-LUX Ridge end cap.
• Made of one element in the deep drawing process, no joints. 
• The shape adapted to the GS-LUX ridge tile eliminates the need to make elements on site by hand.
• Quick and easy assembly thanks to factory-made mounting holes, using farmer screws 4,8x19 or coated rivets 
• The high quality of the material and the precision of the product guarantee a perfect, durable and extremely aesthetic roof finish  
• Guarantee of compatibility and color consistency with GS-LUX Ridge tile and roofing
• This element is an integral part of other modular roof flashings 
• Guarantee of originality (signed with the company logo)

For more details on our offer, please contact our Sales Representatives or our hotline: +48 502 197 197.

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