New in our offer - GARDA modular roofing tile - FULLY FLAT!

Minimalist, subtle, smooth, the flattest of the two-module panel roof tiles with a 35 millimetre high profile embossment that gives the roofing its unique character... GARDA MODULAR METAL TILE! This is an ideal roofing solution for investors who seek timeless style and elegance, which lies in the simplicity of forms and shapes.

The fully flat profile of the tile is reminiscent of the calming surface of the Italian Lake Garda, hence the name of the new model. This tile is not only FULLY FLAT, but it also offers FULL VERSATILITY. Thanks to its minimalist form, it can be used on any house and in any environment, and thanks to the patented solutions it is also suitable for any weather conditions.

The Garda metal roofing tile combines durability and high quality resulting from the steel used in its production from renowned European steelworks. The coatings used in the tile are a guarantee of high durability and resistance to unfavourable environmental conditions and scratches that may arise both during installation and use. Many colour versions available to choose from allow the metal roofing tile to be matched to investors' various needs and tastes.

Factory-prepared holes and mounting cups

In addition to its exceptional aesthetics, Garda stands out for its well thought-out technical solutions. Particularly worth mentioning are the mounting cups, which in this product come in two versions depending on their function.

The sheet is fitted to the battens with deepened mounting cups which, thanks to their modified, irregular shape, eliminate tension and, as a result, unwanted deformation. The holes and mounting cups are profiled in such a way that the sheets lie flush with the battens (resting on the batten), resulting in an extremely smooth, flat surface. The ones designed in the surface of the module compensate for the angle difference between the batten and the plane of the panel.

Aesthetically pleasing connection of the sheets is possible thanks to the classic, factory-prepared holes and mounting cups, which are well known from previous models of Budmat roof tiles.

Effective rainwater run-off

The Garda metal roof tile is resistant to harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain. Deep capillary microprofiling at the joints ensures that rainwater is channeled efficiently and does not stagnate. How does it work? The capillary embossing breaks the surface tension, draining away any excess of accumulated water droplets.

In combination with other compatible Budmat products, such as the Flamingo iQ square steel gutter, the Garda roofing tile guarantees safety and durability, even in heavy rain.

Easy and efficient installation

The handy size of the sheets, combined with the factory-prepared holes and installation cups, ensures that the Garda installation can even be successfully carried out by one person. The large covering area (0.833 m2) means improved efficiency and time savings during roofing work. The retracted edges of the sheets at the transverse embossing both improve the aesthetics of their connections and protect them from dirt and grime.
A dedicated starter strip has been developed for the Garda metal roofing tile, allowing the first row of sheets to be fixed to it from their front and ensuring proper ventilation of the roof slope. Available from the same manufacturer, a wide range of technically and stylistically coherent roof accessories allows for an exceptionally aesthetic effect.