New in the offer - Flamingo SATIN!

Budmat, the leader in functional and aesthetic solutions, is always looking for new possibilities to provide its customers with proven and reliable products, but also those which are aesthetic and appealing to users.

To meet the expectations of customers who prefer modern and unconventional solutions in building, Budmat offers a dedicated Premium product - Flamingo SATIN. It is a well-known, appreciated and most often chosen by users Flamingo steel gutter system in a new, elegant version.

The uniqueness of the Flamingo SATIN is a unique and one of a kind appearance. Its satin matt coating gives the impression of softness and depth of velvet.

Appearance is one thing, but Flamingo SATIN system is all about reliable water drainage from the roof and protecting the façade and immediate surroundings of the building from water for years to come. The double-sided
coating protects the system against corrosion and mechanical wear, even under difficult weather conditions. What's more the raw materials and technological solutions used in its production make it even more environmentally friendly, and it should also be remembered that the steel from which it is made is 100% recyclable, without creating harmful waste.

A 40-year guarantee is the assurance of a reliable and beautiful roof for many years!

Flamingo SATIN - an elegant gutter system with the new GreenCoat RWS Pro BT matt coating from SSAB, the manufacturer of the finest steel for roofing and gutter systems, allows for a consistent matt finish to the roof.

Available in size 135/90 in colours:

Satin black matt (M015)

Brown satin matt (M434)

Graphite satin matt (M455)


Every element of the system is available in GreenCoat RWS Pro BT - from gutters to hooks and downpipes - everything to create a seamless whole for the roof, enhancing its noble appearance.

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