NEW! Modular roof sheet Como. The future of roof aesthetics

Budmat, the trendsetter on the steel roofing market, once again goes beyond the usual schemes and presents a product which completely changes the approach to roof aesthetics. We have created an excellent and modern modular roof sheet Como, whose proprietary technological solutions in many dimensions are ahead of solutions currently used in the market.

What makes Como special?

✔ unique look and versatility - the timeless shape of our metal roofing sheet in the smooth or with a delicate micro wave version will suit every type of roof, and its symmetry will allow for installation depending on your needs and convenience.
✔ double embossing bending - the applied innovation of double bending together with a lowered profile is an even flatter surface while maintaining a strong, majestic character. The shape of the ribs allows rainwater to flow freely down the edge of the roofing sheet.
✔ factory-made holes and cups - for easy and trouble-free installation. The openings guarantee a precise connection of the sheets, which additionally influences the durability and tightness of connections and a uniform appearance of the whole slope.
✔ embossing along the ribs and folding of the front edge of the sheet - hardly visible at first glance and having a great impact on the final appearance of the roof, without the need for additional protection.

Como is above all safe for many years - we give a guarantee of up to 50 years and are the only company on the market that guarantees repeatability of colour regardless of the batch of the sheet.

More details about the new Como modular metal roofing sheet can be found by clicking on the buttons below:



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