New - System of modular roof flashings MOD

New - MOD Modular Roof Flashings System - one manufacturer, one system - new finishing options for every roof!

In 2020 we are continuing our REVOLUTION ON THE ROOF, introducing the innovative Modular Roof Flashings System MOD, in which we have used many solutions that have never been seen on the market before. The Modular Roof Flashing System MOD is the only solution of this type on the Polish roofing market. Universal, adapted to many types of roofing, providing a perfect roof finish, shortening assembly time and guaranteeing its durability and unique aesthetics.

In the MOD System we have applied solutions which give not only aesthetics but also a technical advantage:

• an innovative system of joining flashings with a clip
• special mounting cups to mask the screws
• possibility of additional adjustment during assembly due to the use of elongated holes
• small dimensions of the flashings (1200 mm) and factory-made holes allow assembly by one person
• high quality and precision of execution on computer-controlled production lines, guarantees a perfect, durable and tight roof finish
• can be used for various types of roofing
• wide range of colors and coatings

A detailed description and characteristics of each of the MOD System treatments and a range of benefits can be found on the dedicated website: and in the MOD System Catalog:


For more details on our offer, please contact our Sales Representatives or our hotline: +48 502 197 197.

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