Optimus - barge flashing for standing seam panels

A new proposition by Budmat, the OPTIMUS universal barge flashing , guarantees coherence and aesthetics of a standing seam panel roof.

Simplicity and minimalism, because simple means elegant, a class of its own.

Elegant roofs with premium class Iron Click and rime Click roof panels are distinguished by superior aesthetics, while protection and tightness are assured only with original flashings.

This is why, OPTIMUS is the best solution for roof panels. The new Optimus - barge flashing - complete with mounting strip - is universal and can be used on roofs with roof panels of both Budmat and other manufacturers. It is an integral part of Budmat's modular flashings for roof panels - LS-14 Starting Strip, LWG-29 Ventilation Panel and GTR Ridge Cap. 

There is only one choice - Optimus!

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