Roof panels

Roof panels - New - premium IRON panels!

It is a new, technically and qualitatively improved product, offering greater possibilities and visual diversity. Progress, experience and new technologies have allowed us to raise our quality standards and to enter a higher level. Our products are characterized by precision of workmanship, aesthetics and a unique visual effect.


Why are our products unique?

- Especially for the IRON range of standing seams, we have designed a new, reinforced lock that provides more precise and durable longitudinal connections. The innovative profiling of the lock makes the covering edge of the lock (of the overlayed panel) invisible, which significantly improves the aesthetics.

- On the longitudinal joints of the sheets, there are special designed mouning cups for fasteners, which ensure proper dilatation of the panels as a result of thermal expansion of the steel.

- At the end of each lock there is a lock cover (material ideally suited to the shape of the lock), which after bending covers the front of the lock. This is yet another solution that improves aesthetics.

- A wide range of patterns, coatings and colors gives the investor comfort to choose a roof according to the character of the building.

- The IRON standing seam collection in combination with the GTR ridge tile and eaves vent profile will ensure safety, comfort and a unique style.

- The newly developed solutions have been filed for patent protection, which proves the uniqueness of the products, which are the first so technologically advanced on the market.

  • Material - coated steel
  • Total width [mm] - 542
  • Effective width [mm] - 510
  • Sheet length [mm] - 1000 - 8000
  • Total height [mm] - 25
  • Zinc coating [g/m²]  - min. 275
  • Minimal roof pitch [%] - 14
  • Sheet thickness [mm] - 0,5 - 0,7
  • Available coatings - Poliester Połysk, Ultramat, X-Matt GreenCoat Crown BT and on individual order in the following coatings: IDEAL-SATIN GreenCoat Pural BT, IDEAL-MATT GreenCoat Pural BT matt

Panel finishing options:

  • Standard:
    • A - 25 mm straight panel hem on the eaves side and 25 mm straight panel hem on the ridge side.
  • Panel folding options (stiffens and forms a straight eave line):
    • A - 25 mm panel hem fold from the eaves side and 25 mm straight panel hem from the ridge side;
    • B - no panel hem from the eaves side and no panel hem from the ridge side.

A model that fits well with traditional construction. Properly selected panel colors will emphasize the character of the building. The product is addressed to customers who value proven and reliable solutions.

Microwave are longitudinal embossments with very low values, giving the steel the effect of a wave. This process disperses the reflected light from the panels. Microwave - similarly to trapezoidal embossing, it additionally stiffens the panel and gives a unique look. It is dedicated to customers who value tradition, with just a dash of modern solutions.

This is one of our panel proposals for bold customers who appreciate uniqueness and individuality. Longitudinal triangular embossments make the refractive light give each roof a unique look. Embossing additionally stiffens the panel and emphasizes its unique character.

This is another unique pattern of our seam. The asymmetrical trapezoidal embossing stiffens the panel and gives it a modern look, long tradition. The product is designed for Customers who like non-standard solutions and focus on individuality.

The IRON Click panel, which is so well known, well liked and eagerly used, is getting a facelift. Here it is - the eagerly awaited design that breaks up the panel's smooth surface. There it is - the double lining. IRON Click in an enriched version.The double longitudinal trapezoidal embossing is not only a visual effect, but above all a reinforcement and improvement - it stiffens the sheet and protects it from the negative effects of tension during assembly.

The Standard, Double lining and Low Microwave versions can be made with a knurled sheet*. The mottling causes the light reflected from the panels to diffuse, making the roof even more impressive. Choose a design, covering and colour to suit your needs and taste.

*Only applies to 0.5 mm thick metal sheet.