PVC granules and blends

PVC granules and blends - Production of granules and blends

The Budmat Bogdan Więcek company has been operating on the steel materials market for nearly 30 years. Thanks to the intensive development of the company, we have expanded the scope of our activity to the area of plastics.

The branch in Włocławek has been specializing in the production of high-quality PVC blends (dry-blends) and hard PVC-based granules for 5 years. The plant in Włocławek comprises of a production hall, warehouse, laboratory and sales office.  We have a modern machine park, adapted to the production of all kinds of hard blends and granules, for the most demanding applications of our clients.

We produce dry-blends and hard PVC granules for extrusion and injection in natural color and in colors ordered by the customer. Our products are used in the production of technical and construction products. We have the state-of-the-art PVC refining installation and a laboratory for quality control of products and raw materials.



For our clients, we produce PVC mixtures and granules according to the indicated recipes, we develop them in accordance with the requirements of the product and the so called "tailor-made" process. We advise and help to implement new recipes, we provide technological and technical knowledge. In addition, we offer the service of mixing and granulating PVC from the customer's raw materials or milling the customer's.

Experience, market knowledge, technological and laboratory facilities enable us to continuously develop and adapt our products to the changing market. Having our own transport, we are able to deliver goods within 24 hours to any place in Poland and to countries bordering on Poland.

Our offer includes production of:

  • - PVC blends
  • - hard PVC granules
  • - PVC technical granules
  • - mixing and granulating service


  • - window profiles
  • - sheet pile profiles
  • - fence elements and panels
  • - solid PVC plates
  • - floor and window profiles, price strips
  • - furniture edges
  • - electrical installation pipes and fittings
  • - panels for roller shutters
  • - construction profiles


  • - you are a producer of PVC products that can process dry-blend and granules
  • - you are responsible for the procurement of raw materials for PVC processing in Poland, Europe and the East,
  • - you are looking for new PVC blends and granules in order to optimize the production process and product cost,
  • - you need a reliable partner specializing in PVC processing,
  • - You want a high, repeatable product quality,
  • - looking to process your own material
  • - you want to use the PVC mixing / granulating service
  • - you need technological support

share in our expertise!

Budmat PVC Production Centre is:

  • - state-of-the-art PVC refining installation,
  • - laboratory for quality control of products and raw materials,
  • - hard PVC blends,
  • - hard PVC granules,
  • - "tailor-made" recipes,
  • - experience, knowledge, support and quality.

Agata Wojtulewicz

Branch Director Włocławek
tel.: +48 505 197 575
e-mail: agata.wojtulewicz@budmat.com

Marta Baranowska

Plastics Sales Specialist
tel.: +48 501 197 123
e-mail: marta.baranowska@budmat.com

Małgorzata Wawrzonkowska

Quality Control Specialist
e-mail: malgorzata.wawrzonkowska@budmat.com


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