Roof tile sheets

Roof tile sheets - Snow guards "Horseshoe", universal

Snow guards "Horseshoe", universal for preventing the avalanche of snow from the roof surface.

When arranging modern roofs, we recommend installing devices such as "Horseshoe" snow guards. A wide choice of RAL colors for such structures allows them to be organically combined with the color of the main roofing. High-quality snow retainers "Horseshoe" do not stand out against the background of the roofing, while effectively preventing avalanche snow from the roof surface, and additionally formed stiffening ribs, unlike competitors' products, prevent their deformation even at peak loads of snow mass.

- execution - universal, allowing to install on any type of roofing metal coverings
- steel - the highest class material guarantees durability for years
- made by stamping with additional stiffening ribs
- fully match the type of coating and color with the main roofing produced by Budmat and other manufacturers
- pre-drilled mounting holes
- 4 screws for modulars are attached to the upper crest of the wave of the coating

- overall height: 65 mm
- total width along mounting holes: ~230 mm*
- coating type: Polyester glossy, Ultramat, X-mat (SSAB), IDEAL SATIN/MATT Green Coat Pural BT

* can be installed on the upper crests of the waves of the coating in the range from 180 mm to 285 mm by changing the radius of the snow retainer