Modular roofs

Modular roofs - Stop end ZS-LUX finishing element of top GS-LUX ridge cap

Elements fixed to ridge caps at the hip end. They ensure aesthetic and functional roof finish while maintaining material homogeneity.

Features and references:

- The ideal factory-made Hip End Caps for GS-LUX provide excellent protection against precipitation and pollution getting under the ridge caps.
- Shapes tailored to GS-LUX ridge caps eliminate the need for hand-made elements on the construction site.
- Quick and easy assembly of elements using farmer screws, TORX or coated rivets.
- Made of one element in the deep drawing process.
- They are characterized by their perfect profiling and decorative shape.
- High quality of material and precision in making the product guarantee perfect, durable and exceptionally aesthetic roof finish.
- Guarantee of compatibility and color consistency with GS-LUX ridge caps.
- The elements are an integral part of the remaining roof flashings.

Parametry techniczne

- Width: 308 mm
- Height: 107 mm
- Depth: 274 mm
- Thickness of sheet: 0,7 mm
- Material: Steel sheet S280 Galvanized Z275 with organic coatings X-MATT BT SP30, D-MATT SP35
- Quantity per package: 12 pieces
- Colors: 8

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