Production of PVC- Mixtures

BUDMAT PVC-Production Centre


  • - you are a manufacturer of PVC products with the ability to process dry-blend,
  • - You are responsible for the order of raw materials for PVC processing in Poland, Europe and the East,
  • - You are looking for new PVC blends to optimize the manufacturing process, properties and cost of the product,
  • - You need a reliable partner specializing in PVC processing,
  • - You want highly repeatable product quality,

Use our knowledge!

PVC blends

We specialize in the production of dry-blend hard PVC for extrusion and injection in natural colour as well as in the colours ordered by the customer. Our PVC blends are used in the manufacture of technical, construction and packaging products. We have state-of-the-art PVC enrichment plant and a laboratory for quality control of products and raw materials.

In addition, we offer pure PVC from the largest European manufacturers. For our customer we also make PVC blends according to the recipes mentioned above, as well as we prepare them according to the requirements of the product and the so-called "tailor-made" process.

PVC Budmat Production Centre is:

  • - the most modern installation for PVC enrichment,
  • - a laboratory for quality control of products and raw materials,
  • - dry-blend hard PVC,
  • - pure PVC,
  • - PVC blend according to recipe,
  • - "tailor made" process.



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Włocławek Branch
ul. Duninowska 9
87-800 Włocławek


Agata Wojtulewicz
+48 505 197 575


Krzysztof Zawicki
+45 501 197 312

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