Sheet cutting

Steel Service Centre

The Budmat company also carries out services from the materials entrusted by its customers according to the capabilities of the offered products.

Steel Service Centre is active in the processing of steel and acid-resistant steel plates. The profile of activity includes mainly longitudinal and cross cutting of the sheet (range from 0.5 mm to 6 mm) and steel coil scrolling (maximum coil weight 32 t). The service centre of the Steel Service Centre offers the possibility to cut customer's sheet (minimum sheet length - 400 mm, max sheet length - 12000 mm) while optimizing costs. Fully automated, professional and technologically advanced machine park equipped with integrated, electronically controlled lines, guarantees high product quality. The lines used are particularly efficient and guarantee an optimal use of the material and the precision of production.

Packaging and storage.

Company's care for the right packaging, transportation and storage makes it possible to maintain the highest quality of distribution. The Steel Service Centre has its own warehouse.

Main advantages of the Steel Service Centre are:

  • - modern machine park
  • - integrated, electronically controlled production lines
  • - professional customer service and a trained team of technical and sales advisors
  • - highest quality materials
  • - proven network of distributors
  • - own transport
  • - possibility of delivery by train
  • - advantageous location in the centre of Poland
  • - rich commercial offer